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We ship your goods, As if they were our own.

Our pro-active export services team helps cut red tape, navigate the latest regulations, minimize paperwork, expedite transit, and lower your costs, while providing truly personalized service. You can be confident that our comprehensive export and import services get your goods and products where they're needed, fast, efficiently, and with no stress to you at all.

Orient Network Japan Offers complete import and export brokerage services plus inventory consulting services as described below:

  • Electrical machinery, electronic equipment, and data communications equipment.
  • Construction equipment machine tools and transport apparatuses.
  • Measurement tools, medical instruments, and other precision mechanical tools.
  • Power Generation and Power Supply Business.
  • Second Hand products buying and selling industry.
  • Exporting and importing automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and auto parts.
  • Exporting boats, boat engines and boat parts.
  • Exporting special bolts for Anti-theft and Security.
  • Import and export and sale of miscellaneous goods.
  • Import and export and sale of health foods.
  • Mail ordering using a network system such as the Internet.

If you need to ship goods via air or ocean freight, our experienced team will find you the fastest, safest and best-priced carrier. We can give free, guaranteed quotes, coordinate worldwide transport arrangements, consolidate multiple suppliers, and arrange for hazardous and oversized cargo or consolidated weekly shipments around the world.

An Orient Network Japan specialist assigned to handle all aspects of your shipment – from door to door.

  • Coordination of worldwide transport arrangements, such as ship to truck to warehouse to final destination, whether here or abroad.
  • Support for Full Containers Load (FCL) and smaller shipments, known as less than Container Load (LCL).
  • Consolidation of multiple suppliers: For example, if a shipper is buying goods from 12 different European suppliers, the shipper can direct all of them to the Export-Import Service’s centrally located warehouse. One container with all 12 suppliers in it will ship.
  • Arrangements for hazardous and oversized cargo: Our hazmat certified experts, who keep abreast of all industry regulations, will guide your imports and exports.
  • Weekly LCL ocean consolidation shipments to all continents.

By sea, air, road or rail

Export Import Services gets your goods delivered

Worry-Free Shipping

We take care of all your export issues, including permits, paperwork,and red tape.

Every Cargo Carried

We handle all commodities, including hazardous and oversized goods, and take pride in every shipment.

No Job Too Small

We don't just deal with big companies. Most of our customers are small and medium-sized businesses like yours.

A Family Company

We've been doing this for nearly 80 years, and consider our customers and staff as loyal friends. So you're in good hands.

Stress Free Shipping

Just let us know when your shipment is ready to go and we do the rest, while you get on with business.

We Go Everywhere

We get your goods where they need to be, from Atlanta to Zambia and anywhere inbetween.


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