Quality Control

Quality is always a priority here at Orient Network Japan Co, Ltd.

in orient network japan all Used Machines undergo a careful inspection
before they are shipped to overseas by skilled mechanical staff to insure that all products or service, is done correctly.

To assure quality, your processes, products, machinery and equipment,
systems must meet a range of statutory and contractual quality requirements.
We provide comprehensive quality control and certification to ensure compliance with all specified requirements.

As a highly qualified, independent third-party,
we have the trusted skills and resources to perform quality control.
As the leading provider of inspection, verification, certification and testing,
we are the first choice for clients looking to assure quality across the world.

We offer you unrivaled experience, expertise,
resources and a unique global network.
As a result, we can provide trained and qualified technical specialists to control the quality of your processes,
products, machinery, equipment, systems and coatings in every corner of the world.

Check all Used Machines Careful before put them into our warehouse by s killed mechanical staff and repair any defects if found.

Recheck all products after insert it in warehouse to be sure that it's working perfectly.

Final inspection before insert the product inside the container